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      Sometimes its funny how you can spend time in the Outdoors and Miss things that are right in front of you. I was up at my Cabin above Ellijay Sunday Morning doing a little Turkey Hunting, I started Calling just after Daylight with not any action, so I thought I’D move over to the Next Ridge and do a little more Calling. I was walking along this Hardwood Ridge not believing how Beautiful this Place was I actually had to look for the property line to make sure I was still on my land, Well I was. Sometimes your can Miss areas in and around the Woods simply by not exploring a New place. Next time your Out in your Old Hunting Spot do yourselves a favor and Walk off the Beaton Path. God will show you what you’ve been Missing! See pictures Below

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      That’s a BEAUTIFUL looking Ridge for sure!

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      I know exactly how you Feel, last year I found a GREAT New place at my Hunting lease that was just around the Corner from where I had been Hunting for several years! It’s easy to get complacent or maybe just a little Lazy, look around you never know what you’ll find might be where you find that next Trophy.

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      Love that new spot, especially the squirrel log. As a small game hunter i always check logs like that for acorn hulls or stripped pine cones. Squirrels like to feed on an elevated spot like that to get a better view of potential predators. Given the location, you might spot a ruffed grouse drumming there. By the way, any action at tge feeder site?

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      Funny you asked, I have a bunch of Pictures of deer looking VERY Curious at the Feeder! Will post some soon.

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      That’s a GREAT looking place to Hunt, I would definitely give it another try before the Season is Over! Some Beautiful looking Land you have there love the BIG Hardwoods.

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