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      Well in a week I will turn 61 years old! Don’t ask me how that happened it just seems like yesterday I was 50. I have learned many things in life but mostly these days I try to enjoy the time I Spend with my family and friends and the trips to the Outdoors. Unfortunately in the past few years I’ve lost many friends and even a family member and all I have is the memories to look back on, certainly not trying to tell anyone what to do but take time to relax and enjoy yourself. Don’t forget to thank God for the Blessings and take Care of your health,exercise is one of the best medecins. Well I have said enough and will take my upcoming Birthday in stride. I Praise the LORD for the Outdoors which I love so much !

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      Happy birthday Huntaholic !
      It’s amazing how fast time goes by as we get older. Some good advice

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      Jack 3

      I hear you Huntaholic, it seems as though time is flying by so fast and the Hunting seasons are being so much sweeter and I to are looking for all the Memories I can store up. Happy birthday

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      BIG Jim

      Great Post! I think in this time we are living through this is some good advice.
      Happy birthday to you Hunt

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      Northern Dancer

      …one step closer to glory, as a friend of mine reminded me on occasion. It’s true – as we age we become more acutely aware of our immediate circumstance and if we are wise we ponder on those thoughts. Not in a morbid frightening manner but in a sober attitude as our servant Saint Paul would suggest. I like what Father Abbott shared with us a few years back, “If you are alive, live life.” It took me a while to figure that out but I understand now and I try to do that each and every day. Life is precious, but then again, eternal life is marvelous – I know, because our Scriptures testify to that fact.

      Just a reminder “Huntaholic”. This is a piece of advice I give to people over sixty. [Though as you know it is just an informal suggestion as we are prohibited from giving advice.]

      Skip the party – just take the cake and cash. 🙂 May your special day be fabulous in every way and may you continue to have good thoughts and meaningful moments. Blessings + on you, your family, friends, and those who come near you.

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      Thanks Dancer and everyone that’s some good advice, of course it’s always meaningful to have good friends around to help you out. I have definitely learned to appreciate the moment and enjoy the day.

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      ONE more memory from this last Season, a Buck I rattled up !

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      Great topic Huntaholic! And Happy birthday. I’m right there with you and it does seem to be going by in a Hurry. Love the Skull Mount !

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      Cool Post ! It’s always Great to remember all the good times and the friends and family that we love. ONE thing’s for sure time goes faster EVERY year but the memories will last a lifetime. Happy birthday Huntaholic and Congrats on that Buck he’s a Great one.

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      Crane Man

      I was thinking about this just the Other Day it’s like you and I are on the Same page! Nice Buck you got and Happy Birthday.

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      Happy Birthday and love the skull mount, that turned out great!

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