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      It’s amazing to me how Deer Season comes and goes So fast especially when that BIG Ol Buck you were seeing earlier in the year has disappeared from the Woods and plans you had changed before you knew what happened the Sun is setting on the last Day. Well I enjoyed it although I didn’t take anything this Season. As my Wife has told me many times i think you just like being in the Woods 😂 she’s right of course. Well you know there’s always next year.

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      It’s absolutely crazy how fast it goes! I didn’t get my target Buck but still enjoyed every day in the Woods and at Camp.

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      Yes it’s Done! I didn’t get to go nearly as much as I wanted but still enjoyed every outing.

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      Every year seems it’s faster, my BIG Buck i was after of course Showed up the weekend i didn’t get to go had the Flu 😏 but i still got a Doe for some meat and still had a Great time at Deer Camp!

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      Jack 3

      Another year complete and now all the Jobs start! I already have a list. Enjoyed the Season as always. Saw lots of young Bucks and hopefully I’ll see them next Fall.

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      It seems like it takes so long to get here and then it’s gone in a flash. I still have one week of muzzleloader in Texas, but I’m not sure if I’m going to go. Family wants to get down to the land so I may wait until the season’s over so we can just visit, relax, and enjoy the land. The doe in the freezer kind of makes the decision a little easier. Looking forward to the offseason projects and what the new year brings.

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      BIG Jim

      Hard to believe it’s Over again! Seems like yesterday it just Opened, well i enjoyed every moment. We are going to be Chasin those Turkey’s before long. 😂

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