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      Mid December was my first chance to hunt during the 2016-17 hunting season. Richard Morris gave me the opportunity to come and be apart of his hunting crew at the land he owns in Sparta, GA. My brother Kevin and I drove up early morning to to get in the stand before the sun rose. We were up in our stands by 6:00 AM and I was amazed by how many deer I seen just during the morning hunt. I saw a total of three spikes, a very small three point, and then a larger four point. At this location they only shoot quality bucks, meaning at least one antler must have four points on a side. I was really hoping to see a nice doe or buck so I could put some meat in the freezer, but just seeing something was exciting enough. I got out of the stand around 12:00 PM to meet Richard and my other brother Brian for lunch. Richard treated us with deer chops on the grill that he had got from a buck he shot during an earlier hunt and it was delicious! During lunch Richard told us about some of his hunting stories and they were great. I am a pro bull rider and am very passionate about my sport. The stories he told, reminded me of how my buddies and I sit around telling each other what bulls we got on in the past. I could tell that Richard loves hunting as much as I love rodeo. Don’t get me wrong though, I love to hunt too! After lunch was over we were back to the woods again. My only luck was spooking two deer while I was getting into the stand. Other than the squirrels rustling in the leaves, it was a pretty quiet evening. All and all I had a great time! It was a very relaxing day and I want to thank Richard Morris for the opportunity because if it wasn’t for him, I probably would not have had the chance to hunt this year.

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      That was a GREAT WEEKEND! It’s Funny everyone Saw Deer except Me. That’s how Hunting Goes Sometimes, when you least expect it you will see a Deer and maybe have a chance to Harvest a BEAUTIFUL Buck. We enjoyed Having you visit the Bus, I always enjoy Sharing the GREAT Outdoors experience with Others.

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      Great to hear about your hunt down at the bus. Quite a place. Congratulations on not only having a good time, good food and good company but also on recognizing that the enjoyment is in the hunt and not just in the kill. How about a little something on the rodeo, some of them are still outside, right – that would qualify. Close to fifty years since I went to a Georgia rodeo. Not like in the West, I guess but had about everything from bucking horses, and bull riding to calf roping and barrel racing. One bull was dissatisfied with the accommodations and busted out of the enclosure to look for “greener pastures.” Sort of an audience participation rodeo.

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      Sounds like a GREAT WEEKEND! Cookouts are always Best at Deer Camp.

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      That’s amazing how many Deer you Saw in December, most of the time it’s tough to even see anything!

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      That is a GREAT WEEKEND anytime there’s Chops on the Grill!

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