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      Well Friday was a BEAUTIFUL DAY so when I got to the Woods I wanted to walk around and look for Sheds. I started looking through the Hardwoods and then after about a hour I decided to walk through the Pines, deer trails everywhere I was just looking around and enjoying the Woods and all of a Sudden I came across a Skelton of a Deer. It had been there for a long Time I’m sure the Coyotes took care of the Clean up Job. A little while later I saw a Big Bird fly off and I followed it trying to get a BETTER look, finally I got real Close and it was a Big OWL! I didn’t find any Sheds but a GREAT Walk in the Outdoors, another adventure in Gods BEAUTIFUL CREATION what a Blessing!

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      Very Cool Pictures and Sounds like a GREAT walk!

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      You find some really COOL stuff walking around in the Woods! Loved the OWL.

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      That’s cool to see the owl up close!

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      Great that you explored some new trails on the hunting land. It is amazing the new things we can find in familier territory just by getting off the beaten path. Good luck shed hunting. Its always exciting to find a big shed from some buck who hasn’t tripped a trail camera. Can’t wait to see mor pictures.

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      Very Nice! That’s a BIG OWL. You can find some really neat stuff in the Woods.

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