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      Northern Dancer

      The trail is a richly crafted rug of bright golds, ruby reds, and deep orange befitting any royal place. Here and there, like gigantic snowflakes, leaves dance their way to the ground in rhythmic patterns and add to the splendour of the forest floor.

      The air is pleasantly brisk as you plow your way along. Above you are the haunting honks of the geese heading south and in the trees the chattering of squirrels rushing to fill their winter cache.

      It’s Fall.

      It’s that time of year you think or Autumn treats, and decorated pumpkins, of Halloween and apple pie with cheddar cheese, and old fashion hay rides, of a harvest moon, and bonfires and fun with good friends.

      And as you bask in the wonder and excitement of the season you may by chance hum to yourself “…how great thou art!”

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      I couldn’t agree more Dancer, my you have a way with words. I look forward to your post EVERY time, they always remind me of the Beautiful things we have to enjoy and also just a reminder that the Good LORD has placed them on this earth for Us to Our Benefit. Great post

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      Hey Dancer,
      You must have read my mind ! I was just thinking this morning about Putting something about Fall on the Site. Once again you have put into words what most of Us feel about this Wonderful time of year, Weather your Hunting or Camping or just heading up to the Mountains which is Where my Wife and I are going this Weekend for Our 35th anniversary celebration it’s a Grand time to celebrate the Fall Season. It’s Finally Cooled Off here in Georgia and the temperatures this morning was 55 Praise the LORD. This is ONE of my favorite pictures the road into my Cabin in Elijay Georgia.

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      Another Wonderful Story by the Master himself, Dancer it’s always a Pleasure to read your Post. They seem to roll off your tongue as though you Should have been a Writer. I love this time of year and the Holidays and the Food that goes with them, I look forward to that first piece of Pumpkin pie and all the Other Goodies. I hope everyone has a blessed Fall Season.

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      Jack 3

      This is a Great time Of year ! I really love all the Festival activities and the Food and as always getting to See my friend Family Members and the Special Dishes they make for the Holidays. Great Post and Pictures !

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      Crane Man

      Glorious Glorious Fall has arrived ! Great Subject as the Cool Weather is a BEAUTIFUL blessing to Us all. I’m Ready for the Football games and the trips to the Deer land and the Outstanding Food that Comes with the Holidays. Let the Games Begin

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      My favorite time of the year for Sure, Everything is just better in the Fall. It’s Crazy but one of my Favorites is Sleeping when it’s COLD Outdoors, and of Course it’s Hunting Season and the Holidays. O did I forget the Cook Outs and Campfires to name just a few, Blessing’s all around.

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      Northern Dancer

      Bravo – sleeping out in the cold isn’t crazy – it’s just adventurous. My first outing will be Novemberber 1st weekend. Though not exactly winter it’s a good start. The secret, if there is one, is to have the proper equipment – and I do. :-]

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      I love the Camp Fires this time of Year ! nothing like Friends around the Fire Pit.

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      Northern Dancer

      …agree with you D-Mo

      Campfires. Who hath smelt woodsmoke at twilight?
      Who hath heard the birch log burning?
      Who is quick to read the noises of the night?
      Let him follow with the others
      For the young men’s feet are turning
      To the camps of proved desire and known delight. – Rudyard Kipling

      I’m sure I’ve been at thousands of campfires; big, small, gigantic, cooking, warming with numerous styles and good reasons to be there.

      A campfire never grows old, it’s always young and enthusiastic, warm and friendly, and inviting

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