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      Well Thursday afternoon I was down at the BUS for a afternoon Hunt. It had been Raining most of the Day and it was Supposed to Stop, I got into the Stand about 4. Well it Stopped Raining about 5 and I just Knew that the Deer Would Come out before Dark, Well I didn’t See any Deer but I Got a GREAT Surprise. I Heard Something Coming in behind Me and I Turned Around and Walking Up was a Gray Fox, He Was Beautiful I say this Because I HAVEN’T SEEN a Fox in years. The reason is the Coyotes were taking Over but the Good News is some of Our Neighbors Down the road have been Paying Professionals to trap Coyotes and Hogs. Well I was so EXCITED because I really admire the Fox and I hope there Makin a Comeback ! Funny thing is I had been Praying for the Good Lord to let Me See a Fox, Who Says Prayer doesn’t Work.

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      Crane Man

      Cool Story an Post ! Seeing a Fox is good News

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      Cool Hunt ! That’s BETTER than Seeing a Yote.

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      That’s really COOL ! Mr Sly

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      Congratulations on the fox sighting. And a gray one, too. Hope the deer get moving as well. Really looking forward to hearing some good stories. Sonya and I probably won’t get into the woods til late in the season but love to hear everybody else’s success stories. Good hunting.

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      Glad he didn’t climb the tree & get you!! :{

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      That’s cool, I haven’t seen a fox in a while, but saw the fox squirrel a few years back

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