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      Keeper Thurman

      A year or so ago, I was hunting with my dad, brother, boyfriend and some of my dad’s friends on a vast stretch of property about ten miles from our own hunting land. As a child, I’d grown up hunting this particular stretch of land and I’d even killed my first deer there when I was eleven. According to my dad’s friend, there were some monster bucks in the area, so I figured I’d sir in a stand that I used to hunt all the time growing up. Walking in, I jumped two large does then sat for hours without seeing a single deer. However, in that endless time frame, I entertained my own thoughts, daydreaming about those so called monster bucks roaming the woods. I had been saving my last buck tag for one of those legendary brutes, so perhaps I would get the chance to fulfill a childhood wish that never came true.
      Around dark, a herd of large does appeared at the far end of the food plot. They were about 100 yards away, and as the sun sank lower, they gradually began working their way in my direction. Granted that it was late in the season, I had about decided to shoot the biggest doe in the group of four if she walked in front at me (they were walking at a funky angle and I did not want to risk gut shooting her). As fate would have it, they did walk my way and then stopped abruptly, having heard something in the woods behind me. I froze, my .308 Remington in my grasp, daring to breathe. Behind me, I hear what sounded like a monster buck grunting and tearing the forest apart.
      My heart pounded.
      He was headed my way!
      The does continued to look out into the forest and flick their tails, unsure, while I waited and prayed that I would get the chance to shoot a monster buck.
      Then, there was complete silence.
      I waited and suddenly, all four does ran off, and at the same time they fled, a spike came charging out of the woods after them.
      A spike.
      I hunt in Hancock County, which is a trophy management county. To anyone who might not be familiar with this term, it can be a hunters best friend or worst nightmare. On the up side, any buck you shoot has to have at least four points one one side or else it’s considered an illegal buck. This is great because Hancock County tends to grow big bucks. However, on the downside, any buck you shoot has to have at least four points one one side. Therefore, the spike who’d almost put me into cardiac arrest was able to prance along carefree.
      After that, my nerves were basically shot and it was too dark to see so I climbed down from the stand and met up with the rest of our hunting party to talk about the “monster” buck I’d seen.

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      That’s a GREAT Story ! I had been hunting a Creek bottom for about 5 hours Once and just knew I was going to see a Giant but a 3pt Showed up.

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      Crane Man

      Now that’s FUNNY ! Good Post

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      I like it ! I’ve had Those BIG BUCK Day Dreams.

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      Now that’s FUNNY we are always looking for that Monster Buck!

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      Good Laugh ! MR BIB Spike

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