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      Back in the 1960’s the state of Georgia instituted its first primitive weapons deer season. A number of wildlife management areas had special limited hunt dates for muzzleloaders, bows (compounds were still not legal) and, I think, crossbows. Bill, my high school buddy, and I were determined to give it a try but were at that time not in possession of a requisite muzzleloader nor did we have the cash to buy any of the top line reproductions. Dixie Gun Works of Union City, TN saved the day with a pair of light weight, smooth bore 32 gauge Spanish made percussion single barrels that retailed for an affordable $19.99. After a good deal of practice and tinkering with loads we could both keep the 50 cal. round ball loads in a four inch circle at 50 yards. Got plenty of exercise tramping around Warwomam WMA but came back deerless. Still one of my best hunting memories. To make a short story long, I somehow let my first smoke pole get traded away and while I’ve owned other, more sophisticated muzzleloaders, since, I’ve always missed that little buck and ball smooth bore. But I’m back in business for the upcoming season. Found the same kind of vintage percussion shotgun on an auction site (28 gauge or 55 cal this time) and grabbed it. This little double duty muzzleloader will let me go after small game with a shot load and deer with a patched round ball. A fun little gun for casual target shooting, too. If I had only been able to get it for $19.99!! That’s inflation for you.

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      Here is a photo. At a mere 4 pounds this little shotgun is easy to carry and the black powder loads don’t produce uncomfortable recoil.

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      Sounds like a GREAT Buy ! Put a Picture of it when you Get it. Guess you’ll be in the Woods during Primitive WEAPON week.

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      Looking Good! Seems you always get GREAT Deals on Guns. I think that will do the Job.

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      Another GREAT Find, looks like a Good One !

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      Cool Gun! You have a special talent for finding good Old hunting stuff.

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