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      Well it’s been 41 years since I started working on Cars and I have just retired Officially ! I’ll say this time goes by in a Hurry and before you know it your kids are grown and you have Grandchildren running around wich is a blessing for Sure. This Deer Season will be different for Sure and I’ll enjoy knowing that I don’t have a BIG job that’s got to be finished. Just a bit of advice to everyone out there, stop and enjoy yourself because like my Dad’s always said time goes by in a blink of an eye.

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      Congratulations Huntaholic! Enjoy yourself

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      Jack 3

      Congratulations Hunt ! Well Deserved

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      Job well Done Huntaholic! Congratulations

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      Congratulations! Enjoy

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      BIG Jim

      Congratulations to you ! Time to get Comfortable.

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      Northern Dancer


      Retirement often sounds like a dirty word to some. It’s sort of like – you are at the end of the trail. But that isn’t necessarily so. If we are astute we can turn retirement into betterment. Doing things, and exploring new possibilities, accepting challenges, taking care of ourselves, and paying attention to what’s happening around us. It’s not a time to take things easy in terms of activity. It’s time to pick up on our interests and the things we left on the shelf because we were too busy, places to visit, people to see, the pursuit of new dreams, build and strengthen relationships. Maybe it’s time to live life more to the fullness. Don’t get comfortable – get yourself a new pair of running shoes and head out on a new trail with the pack.

      Many blessings my distant friend – breathe deep and dive in, and welcome to a new dimension in life.

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      Thanks everyone and Dancer I plan on doing lots of things I haven’t had time for that’s for Sure! Definitely excited

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      Congrats Pops! You sure had a great run and reaped the benefits. I know you’ll be excited to hunt all season! As Brent Cobb said; “But If you know me best, you know I’ll probably be down a dirt road in Georgia”

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