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      Kevin Remillard

      Well Folks, I was certainly blessed this weekend. After a rough couple of weeks in the real world, I finally got a couple well deserved holiday break. I was in Blairsville GA on Wednesday and Thursday for Thanksgiving. No Hunting there. I drove home friday morning, and then immediately packed the truck with the bare minimums and headed to deer camp. I hunted all weekend in this perfect weather. Just right… Cool, but not cold, and very still. Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning were just about as perfect as you could get, with the exception that there was no deer seen by me or my hunting companion. I took a lunch break, but then immediately went back into the woods and hunted a new stand. Here’s the interesting part of the story, I hunted the wrong stand; I was taking the advice of my partner to go to the lock on stand near the middle food plot. However, We had our wires crossed, and I crawled up into a very old ladder stand that was kinda in the thick. When i was climbing the stand, I was like…Man, this stand has seen it’s days… The seat had a ton of leaves on it, and was a little weathered, but I cleaned it up and clipped a few twigs out of my line of sight and then i settled in. It was a very comfortable stand, and the weather was as crisp and still as you could get. My stand was very well covered, and looked over the end of this food plot, and also a ridge above a small creek. I sat in that stand as still as could be for 3.5 hours, and at 4.30pm, I checked my watch and knew that I had I hour or so left to kill a deer before dare. My chances were not looking so good considering that we both hadn’t seen a deer the entire time… at around 445-450, I heard something behind me. Couldn’t see anything, but heard a heavier stomp than a squirrel. I work to turn my body and head as slow as possible, and can’t see anything, but continue to hear him. about 5 minutes later, I saw a white tail move in a very thick brush; His head down eating, and moving 3-4 steps after each bite. He then get’s so far behind me that I lost him again. I had to adjust my position and my harness to try and turn completely behind me and potentially get a shot at this deer. After some slight adjustments to my harness and foot position, i stood up and started to peak out directly behind my tree; I find her sitting in the thick, but she’s heading my way. Never saw it’s full face, but looked like a nice size deer. I release the safety of my gun, hold my gun steady against the tree, put my scope on the path that would give me a shot. The deer then decides to go north; As He’s walking away, I grunted, He slowly stopped,moved one step backward, and 3-4 steps to the right, and BAM.

      That deer died a very quick death, and was the perfect ending to my hunting weekend. Nice size deer, and meat in the freezer.

      – Kevin Remillard

      P.S- Im’a three for three with the 30.06, 3 shots, three deer!

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      Glad you finally got some meat! You nearly knocked me out of the stand when you shot I wasn’t ready for that loud gun. Perfect end to the Thanksgiving week. Congratulations my friend!

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