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      Didn’t get a chance to hunt opening rifle weekend due to a work outing but the neighbors said they weren’t moving that much anyway. Well Texas weather went from 80 degrees to highs of 50 and lows of 29-32 for the following weekend so I headed down Friday afternoon to hunt. It rained on the way down, but by the time I got to camp it was just barely sprinklin. Got in the stand about 3:30 and had multiple does with bucks a chasin fairly early, but they were all behind me (no shot). Had another doe at the very end of the shooting lane sneak by, got a scope on her for a second but she was gone in an instant (no shot). Had buck come in late, about dark, could tell he was tall, but he never gave me a look other than profile so couldn’t tell if he was wide enough. No opportunities that afternoon, but it was a cool hunt. By the time I got back to camp it started misting and then rained a little bit that evening. Tony got in late due to some traffic and an accident on the main highway, didn’t hunt.

      Saturday we both got up at 4:45 and got some coffee and hit the woods. About the time I got settled in, I heard a deer to my right, and sure enough, I could only see the shape of the deer come right by, could have shot but I have no idea what it was as it was still dark. Little later, had a few more does and spike come by to the right, no shots. Later two does came busting out from the right and right in my shooting area, however, they were looking my way. By the time they moved and I scoped them, they were walking in a straight line away from me and I couldn’t get a shot. Thought I blew my chance for the day. Did see two more bucks come by to my right, couldn’t tell if legal and they were moving fast.

      Low and behold, about 10:00, had two does come in from the left on full trot. They slowed down and I got ready. Got the lead bigger doe in my scope and followed them, she stopped in between two trees, pretty tight shot, but I was on her and took the shot. She started bolting towards me as soon as I shot and I could see I hit her, I thought she was about to run up my ladder, she ran 5′ from it and then stopped and fell over about 30 yards behind the stand. The other doe, ran and followed her and stopped right next to me watching that deer. I could have shot her too, but I let her go. It was a very exciting hunt and I’m happy to have some meat in the freezer! Tony saw multiple deer that morning, but wasn’t able to get an opportunity at one. Said they were all moving too fast.

      Saturday afternoon Tony and I hunted again but none of us saw deer. I had about 50 buzzards around me crashing into the tops of the trees and swooping downs to take care of the field dressing. They are some clumsy birds.

      Sunday morning I did not hunt and got up to start packing as my kiddos were not feeling well on the home front, so I wanted to get back a little early. I told Tony to go get in my stand. About 8:40 as I’m packing I hear a shot. Texted Tony and he had shot a doe! His first deer ever! It was a very cool to experience it with him and I talked him through the field dressing. I thought he did a pretty good job.

      Overall a great/successful weekend!

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      BIG Jim

      Congratulations on a fine Weekend at your place! What a Blessing for you both to get a Deer. So exciting

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      Sounds like a Great weekend and two Does for meat ! Congratulations

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      What a Great Hunting experience for you and your friend, it’s the small things in life that are truly memorable. Congratulations

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      That’s Awesome for Sure! This is what Hunting is all about. Congratulations guy’s Nice looking Deer

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      Jack 3

      Great memories especially for Tony’s first Deer, Congratulations to both of you. Nothing like a good weekend at Deer land.

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      I think Tony is ruined for sure now!

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      O yeah another Deer Hunter ! 😂

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      WOW that’s Awesome! Congratulations on getting a little meat in the freezer and on Tony’s first Deer, exciting to say the least 😂

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